Erosion Control And Sediment Management throughout Wellington and New Zealand

Erosion Control And Sediment Management throughout Wellington and New Zealand

UES is a specialist erosion control company, assisting you with proven control systems to solve your erosion and sediment problems.

We have experience with sediment and soil control through rehabilitation, planting, sediment control fencing and working with products such as Geotextile and Geotubing.

We work closely with suppliers and engineers to ensure each project has the best erosion control solutions for your problem.

Erosion control

  • Site inspections
  • Planning and design of erosion and sediment control solutions
  • Stream protection and diversion
  • Fence construction
  • Fence clean out and maintenance
  • Rehabilitation planting
  • Geotube technology
  • Fence deconstruction
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Erosion Prevention and control measures

erosion control The key to reducing risks, preserving your budget, reputation, and valuable assets is to minimise pollution by implementing effective construction site erosion and sediment controls as soon as possible to ensure erosion prevention, and sediment and dust control.

Prevention of soil erosion is the most cost-effective method to reduce negative impacts of construction activities by protecting sensitive areas, retaining top soils on the site and preserving natural vegetation as much as possible. Dust control aims to minimise the transportation and deposition of soil, sediments and hazardous particles by wind to offsite areas. Sediment control is required if soil erosion has been detected and involves sediment trapping and removal to reduce the sediment and construction pollutants runoff from the site. These measures can also be used for stabilisation works, water body realignment, piping and culverting.

Practical Assistance

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how a site will react once the ground has been disturbed.

Our practical, on-site experience over the past seven years, means we have a wealth of experience with erosion and sediment control issues. We are more than happy to offer a free initial site inspection to discuss what you may need to consider for control methods on your site. Our staff have visually assessed hundreds of sites prior to planning solutions.

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We can supply engineering design support for sediment/settling ponds.

We work closely with suppliers and engineers to provide you with:

  • Sediment management plans
  • Location, design and construction advice
  • Design of sediment management structures and siltponds
  • Logistics for defining and optimising polymer dose rates

Delivering complete environmental management solutions, UES can supply skilled labour to complete the installation, undertake clean out, or manage the system for you. We are experienced working on projects with multiple partners (engineers and suppliers) to achieve great results for our clients in Wellington, Palmerston North and nationwide.