Our Services
and Expertise

Based in Wellington, UES is an environmental solutions company providing a sophisticated selection of individual and integrated services to improve environmental, health and safety performance in real estate, construction and demolition projects to clients throughout Wellington, including Kapiti, and nationwide.

We deliver expert consultation, planning, analytical, managerial, legal, and documentation project support. We also conduct independent surveys, performance monitoring, evaluation and validation, provide training and technical assistance with all the necessary specialised equipment and vehicles for safe and successful implementation of every project.

Complete Asbestos Solutions & Services

Asbestos management, refurbishment, and demolition surveys

Asbestos sampling, analysis, assessment and reporting

Licensed Asbestos management, Asbestos removal and utilisation

Property and site decontamination, remediation and clean-up

Asbestos awareness training

Mould sampling and analysis

Contamination and risk assessment

Black mould treatment and Property decontamination and full remediation

Recontamination prevention

Independent post-remediation evaluation

Verification for safe property reoccupation

Mould safety and awareness training

Creative repainting and decoration for property and premises reinstatement after decontamination and remediation works

Smart design using sustainable, non-toxic, hazard-free material

Green demolition preparation consulting and supervision

Refurbishment and pre-demolition surveys

Environmental, health and safety risk assessment

Hazardous material management and pollution control, including asbestos removal during demolition projects

Emergency planning

Sustainable deconstruction and demolition services

Material reuse and waste recycling programs

Safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials

Hazard awareness training

Sustainable construction and demolition solutions

Environmental impact assessment

Hazardous material management

Pollution prevention and contamination control

Emergency planning

Employee training

Environmental, health and safety impact assessment

Systematic erosion and sediment pollution prevention

Innovative engineering solutions for risk control and mitigation

Smart site remediation after soil disturbing activities

Professional access to difficult to reach work sites and structures in almost any environment

Competent Methamphetamine sampling, testing and analysis

Risk assessment and emergency planning

Methamphetamine removal and remediation

Methamphetamine safety and awareness training

Professional property and site inspection

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Environmental planning and monitoring

Environmental, health and safety compliance facilitation and validation

Asbestos removal risk assessment