Black Mould Remediation

UES black mould remediation program is based on a multi-disciplinary approach.

Black Mould Treatment and Remediation throughout Wellington and New Zealand

Mould can grow on most building materials and may not always be visible, as it often occurs behind walls, tiles or wallpaper, under ceilings, floors and carpets, inside furniture or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Office, public and residential build¬ings may develop moisture and dampness problems from leaks, high indoor humidity, and flooding, which can in turn weaken walls, floors and window frames. If mould accumulates in building interior, it can damage the building structures, materials and furnishings leading to serious health and financial risks, expensive maintenance and management costs, unpleasant odours. Our black mould remediation process can prevent hazardous exposure.

Do you know what you're breathing?

Mould releases thousands of tiny spores, toxic mycotoxins and volatile metabolits into the air which if inhaled, ingested or contacted through skin may trigger allergic reactions and respiratory diseases such as asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, rhinosinus¬itis, bronchitis, and respiratory infections. Many mycotoxins are immunotoxic, some can cause DNA damage, and several are considered as potent carcinogens. Individual responses to mould varies, but medical research proves that exposure to dampness and mould in the building increases the risk of respiratory problems 30 to 50%, especially among vulnerable groups such as infants, children or elderly people.

Toxic Effects

Modern world forces us to spend most of our time indoors, and as we move between our homes, offices, schools, health care facilities, and other buildings, the quality of air we breathe largely defines our state of health and wellbeing. In damp, poorly ventilated buildings, colonies of mould consisting of various microscopic fungi species may start to grow and spread.

UES intervention and remediation services

UES black mould remediation program for mould-contaminated structures and materials is based on a multi-disciplinary approach and includes the following services:

Initial consultation and project management

Documentation, communication, reporting and verification support

Air and surface sampling, moisture measurements

Documentation, communication, reporting and verification support

Air and surface sampling, moisture measurements

Mould assessment: determining the presence of mould growth, the extent, content of contamination

Risk assessment: identifying safety and health issues, evaluating the scope of disruption associated with remediation activities and the need for occupant relocation

Introducing health and safety program to ensure safety of property occupants and workers

Developing remediation plan, budget and timeframes

Identifying and neutralizing causes and sources of dampness and contamination

Contamination control: containment and isolation of the contaminated areas and materials

Decontamination: removal and safe disposal of mould and mould-damaged materials and non-restorable items, clean-up of all restorable items

Complete drying and remediation of building interior, construction materials and any affected surfaces structure, systems and contents.

Building reinstatement: repair, restoration and redesign

Post-remediation evaluation of the effectiveness of remediation procedures

Independent post-remediation verification to ensure that the property has been returned to Condition 1 for safe reoccupation.

Mould prevention: development of monitoring and mitigation programs for mould amplification and recontamination.

Whether you require an initial consultation, help on any stage of planning and implementation, or a full project support, we are here to help with your black mould remediation.

Symptoms of mould-related intoxication

Respiratory difficulties and aggravation

Circulatory complications

Eye and skin irritations

Headaches and nausea

Immune system problems

Reproductive system issues

Tiredness, mental and neurological discomfort

Act immediately!

If decontamination is carried out swiftly and efficiently, most people suffering from mould-related adverse health effects will fully recover after full removal of mould and building remediation. If you suspect that your property integrity has been infested by mould, consult a qualified indoor environmental professional expert immediately.
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Mould indicators

Elevated humidity, dampness or condensation readings.

Perceived mouldy/earthy odour.

Visible mould growth.

Presence of standing water.

Documented building history of water incursion/mould growth.

Health symptoms of mould-associated reactions or disease.

Cost of delay

Any mould or dampness problems in the buildings must be regularly monitored, rapidly corrected and remediated as soon as they are identified. Any delay can afflict health of the building occupants, lead to financial losses from relocation of employees or residents, paid sick leave, health rehabilitation compensations, decreased productivity, consultant evaluations, litigation, extensive costs for repair or replacement of damaged structures and building materials.

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Unlimited Environmental Solutions (UES) is pioneering environmental security services for corporate, private and public clients all over New Zealand. Our black mould remediation prevents hazardous exposure with the help of efficient information communication, engineering and administrative controls, mould awareness training, regulated work practices, use of personal protective equipment, documentation and reporting.

We offer full analytical, managerial, legal, technical, logistical, data, reporting and documentation project support and provide the necessary specialized equipment, appliances, and vehicles for our projects at affordable rates to suit every budget.

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If you observe any health symptoms or indicators of mould contamination as described above, contact us today and ask about the cost of professional black mould removal. We will carefully restore your property back to safety.
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