About Us

We aim to create and preserve a safe and healthy environment, for the people of New Zealand.

Look after your Environment

UES are leading innovators in providing value added environmentally sustainable services. Our company offers contractors who specialise in asbestos removal and remediation, erosion control, demolition and much more. For our full list of services, see our areas of expertise.

The UES Team bring decades of expertise in the infrastructure and construction industry delivering project management, environmental planning, risk assessment, chemical safety and field operations in high hazard environments, property remediation and building reinstatement.


Our Experience

Unlimited Environmental Solutions (UES) is an emerging leader of environmental security services delivering top quality hazardous materials management, property decontamination and remediation, deconstruction and demolition services to an increasing number of corporate and private clients all over New Zealand.

UES was established as an environmental aid service in response to the growing public concerns of chemical security within the construction, building and demolition industry. UES unites a team of devoted professionals with decades of experience and expertise in hazardous contamination management.

Our Expertise

We deliver expert analytical, managerial, legal, technical, logistical, data, reporting and documentation project support, and provide all the necessary specialised equipment, appliances, and vehicles to ensure successful implementation of every project.

  • Property and site investigation, assessment and monitoring
  • Asbestos remediation
  • Methamphetamine remediation
  • Black mould remediation
  • Sustainable property remediation and site revitalization
  • Building reinstatement
  • Erosion/sediment management
  • Deconstruction, dismantling and demolition
  • Industrial abseiling

Our Philosophy

At UES we believe that a healthy indoor environment is one of the core components of human health, welfare, productivity and business success. We combine our extensive professional experience with our holistic approach, sustainable innovations and technological advances to deliver exceptional service, with long lasting benefits.

We achieve continual performance improvement by combining robust risk management systems with strict health and safety protocols, effective quality assurance procedures and regular staff training.

Our mission

Adding sustainable value to our clients and the environment by continuously improving the quality and affordability of environmental services for a healthier New Zealand.

Our Business Values

Health & safety first – we strictly insist on safe operational procedures and work practices, thorough hazard and risk assessment and process safety management in a continuous effort to improve our performance and create a safe, healthy environment for our workers, clients and local communities.

Environmental security – we eliminate any risks and prevent environmental damage, preserving and rejuvenating natural ecosystems potentially effected by our operations.

Proactive and collaborative leadership – we encourage extensive stakeholder engagement throughout the decision making processes and our on-going operations to understand and satisfy our clients’ expectations and needs.

Integrity matters - all our business operations are based on high ethical business standards such as transparency, honesty, reliability and social responsibility.

Economic efficiency – we apply viable cost-effective long lasting solutions, optimize resource use and minimize waste to save our clients’ time and money.

Focus on productivity – we combine creative managerial and innovative technological solutions to leverage efficiency, achieve ongoing performance improvement and measurable results in the most cost-effective manner.

Social responsibility – we create a shared value by incorporating sustainability and chemical safety awareness, education and strict hazard control initiatives to protect the public and improve the social well-being of our stakeholders.

Systematic approach – we achieve continual performance improvement through careful planning, implementation, monitoring and reevaluation procedures.

Quality assurance – we apply smart process optimization strategies, quality monitoring and control throughout all our operations to accelerate innovation, reduce risks and costs and ensure ongoing quality improvement in line with industry standards and best practices.

Exceeding compliance - we strictly adhere to technical rules, national regulations and industry standards, and follow specific regional council requirements to achieve full legal conformity, and take voluntarily actions to further improve our results

Adding value to your property – we foster sustainable innovation, creativity and environmental stewardship to obtain maximum resource-efficiency, yield operational cost savings, eliminate risks and add extra value to our clients’ assets.

Tailored sustainable solutions - each project is individually designed to satisfy your expectations, budget and needs.

Long term partnership – we gain trust through our exceptional performance and establish lasting trustworthy relationships with our stakeholders for mutual benefit.

Continual learning and professional growth - we engage, educate, motivate and empower our employees, and expand their professional capabilities through regular training and certification, also conducting awareness sessions to share our expertise with other industry players.